Easy Pass Harrow

The Easy Pass is a goof proof implement which can be operated by anyone knowing how to drive a tractor. Unknowing the Easy Pass will do several jobs at the same time.

  • It will maintain a level surface.
  • It will work up your total surface to whatever depth you desire. No more, No less.
  • The drag plate will also compress your surface to the perfect turf.

The Easy Pass comes standard with:

  • Gauge wheels to prevent digging.
  • The hinge points come with casted housings and hardened bushings to insure long life.
  • A reverse angle drag plate and spring loaded tentioners - which aid in a smooth and firm riding surface.

Adjusting the Easy pass:

  • Implement must be horizontal with tractor. This adjustment should be on the tractor.
  • To insure a level surface, drag plate must have equal amount of material on both sides. If the drag plate pulls more material on one side than the other, it will be necessary to adjust one gauge wheel up or down. Also, check for equal tire air pressure.
  • The S tine can now be adjusted for your desired depth using the turn buckle in center of implement.

Contact Tony or Rochelle De Groot for more information at degrootdairies@gmail.com or call 559-584-9363.