Client News

10/19/2011 — We would like to thank our clients for their business over the years and to congratulate them on another very successful Championship show! Check out there results!

Alona DG (Ferro x Contango) Rider/Owner: Bob Weins
RAAC- First level Champion with a 68.387%

Harmony's Armani (Sydney x Weyden) Rider: Leslie Webb Owner: Harmony Sport Horses
CDS HOY- Second level Champion with a 71.059%
USDF -Second level Champion with a 70.714%

Bakara (Sir Sinclair x Idocus) Rider/Owner: Gundi Younger
5yr old Futurity - 4th place 66.915%
Cal Bred- 6th place

Bolevus (UB40 x Casanova) Rider/ Owner: Beth Spuhler
RAAC- Training level Champion with a 67.600%

Caliente DG (OO Seven x Contango) Rider/Owner: Craig Stanley
4yr old Futurity - 1st place 70.854%
Cal Bred- 1st Place

Contester II (Contender x Lancetto ) Rider: Chelsey Sibley Owner: Josie Walsh
CDS HOY- PSG 3rd place with a 66.316%
I-1 freestyle 2nd place 69.25%
USDF- PSG 2nd place 67.763%
I-1 freestyle 2nd place 69.063

Fidelis (Farewell III x Rubin Diamond) Rider/Owner: Joan Williams
CDS HOY- Training level 63.271%
USDF- Training level 67.6%

Octango (Contango x Paradox) Rider/Owner: Barbie Breen-Gurley
CDS HOY- GP 2nd place 65.106%
USDF-GP 2nd place 62.766%

Rockette DG (Ferro x Pantheon) Rider/Owner: Sandy Harper
CDS HOY Amateur- GP 4th place 59.14%
USDF Amateur- GP 2nd place 59.468%

Silverstone (Ferro x Uniform) Rider/Owner: Charlene Ku
RAAC- Third level 3rd place 64.872%
4th level 6th place 60%
CDS HOY Amateur- 3rd level 8th place 63.188%
4th level 3rd place 60.508%

Titus DG(Jazz x Doruto) Rider: Chelsey Sibley Owner: DG Bar Ranch
CDS HOY: PSG 7th place 65%
USDF: PSG 4th place 64.737%

Udo (Kennedy x Naturel ) Rider/Owner: Tracy Lert
CDS HOY- I-1 2nd place 68.158%
I-1 Freestyle 3rd place 67.375%
USDF- I-2 1st place 66.053%
I-1 Freestyle 3rd place 68.750%

Uphelia DG (Wolfgang x Ramiro) Rider: Chris Rivlin
CDS HOY- 4th level 2nd place 66.171%

Vindicator (OO Seven x Ferro) Rider/Owner: Barbie Breen-Gurley
CDS HOY- PSG 6th place 66%
USDF- PSG 5th place 64.211%

Waterloo SE (OO Seven x Jazz) Rider/Owner: Amy Miller
CDS HOY- 4th level 1st place 67.654%
USDF- 4th level 1st place 69.5%

Zalona DG (Ferro x Pantheon) Rider/Owner: Deborah Knopfler
CDS HOY- 3rd level 6th place 64.917%
USDF- 3rd level 8th place 63.077%

*If you have any pictures of horses purchased from DG Bar please email them to we would love to add them to our gallery!!