In 1983 Tony DeGroot decided that it was time for his wife Betty DeGroot to spend less time with the cows and more time enjoying horses, which had been her passion, her whole life. So together they traveled to Europe and imported 6 horses from Holland. Along with the purchase of these 6 horses the DeGroot’s arranged for the trainer of the horses to come over as well in March of 1984 to help get things started. After 3 months the trainer decided to go back to his families’ farm in Holland, but before he left he contacted Willy Arts and asked if working at DG Bar would be something he would be interested in doing. Willy took the offer and ended up coming to America in June of 1984. Willy, Tony, Betty and the Family got started working right away on the grand opening for DG Bar Ranch, which was planned for April 20th 1985.

In the first year after the DG Bar Ranch open house more horses were purchased and sale/breeding farm was in the making. DG Bar began hosting Keurings and clinics and started taking horses to jumping and dressage shows trying to get Hanford and DG Bar Ranch on the map in the equestrian world. Because of the enthusiasm and support of the DeGroot family DG Bar Ranch started to become established. Also throughout the years DG Bar Ranch established a great cliental all over the United States and Canada.

The horse show became a unique event because it was located in central California and it drew riders in from the north and the south. It was usually conjoined with a sales presentation of DG Bar horses, and a wonderful Friday night performance including some world-renowned riders such as Anky Van Grunsven, Tinneka Bartels, Debbie McDonald, and Steffen Peters. The Friday night event was always a great party and is very missed. After organizing and enjoying the horse show for 17 years, we decided to stop the show at DG Bar and focus more on showing at other competitions. We have now switched or focus towards breeding, developing, and training Young Horses for the FEI Young horse competition.